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3 Things to Consider When Selecting a Custom Ring Box

While we offer a sturdy and protective ring box with your ring, many people are choosing unique or personalized ring boxes for their proposal. With the seemingly endless options available there is the perfect box for any proposal, but there are also many unexpected mishaps that can go along with making a the wrong selection for your ring.



1. Will the ring fit inside the box?


While this may seem obvious, it is something that may require more thought than just assuming handmade or artisan boxes are one size fits all. While a low profile 1CT round diamond ring may fit into most boxes, higher profile rings, rings with a higher carat weight, or rings with an elongated shape may not be a perfect fit. 


This issue can come up especially often with sleek, petite “easy to hide” boxes that are gaining popularity. While they are definitely easier to hide inside of a pocket, a ring with a marquise or oval shaped center stone may be wider than the inside of the box itself. 


Measuring your ring and checking the dimensions of the box can help avoid ordering something that is too small (or much larger than expected). If you are having the box custom made, offer your measurements of the ring to get a perfect fit.



2. Is there something to protect the ring from scratches?


While your soon to be fiancée may have pinned hundreds of unique handmade ring boxes on Pinterest, not all boxes are ideal surfaces for your ring. Some creative boxes have rough or unfinished interiors that can scratch the surface of the ring before it has even made its way to her finger!


Choose a box that has a cloth interior and avoid boxes that have unfinished wood or metal inside or in any places that will come into contact with the ring. This will help prevent the moment you want the ring to look its best (the proposal) being the moment that you discover the ring box has scratched the ring or even coated it in dust or wood shavings from an unfinished interior.



3. Is the box secure?


Be sure that the box is secure and able to remain closed on its own. This will help protect the ring from loss or damage.


If you’re set on proposing with a proposal box that does not close, use a cloth bag that can hold the box closed while you are carrying it and bring along a more protective ring box that the ring can be transferred to if necessary. This way you can still propose with the box your great grandfather made or the stunning artisan box that you know will make the proposal photos perfect, but will have something on hand to protect the ring when it isn’t on her hand.

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Our Favorite Trends: Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Our Favorite Trends: Vintage Style Engagement Rings

What do you do when you fell in love with an amazing vintage engagement ring that you seen on Pinterest, only to realize that you have no way to order it for yourself? It may be the wrong size, in poor condition for daily wear, or simply unavailable for purchase at all.

Vintage style engagement rings are a popular option that replicates the style of your vintage dream ring with the quality and craftsmanship of modern handmade jewelry.  

Vintage style engagement rings come in a variety of designs ranging from over the top old Hollywood glamorous to modest and simplistic. There are many benefits to selecting a vintage style engagement ring over a true vintage ring.

The first, and most obvious benefit is that a vintage style ring will be made in your size and be in pristine condition. A vintage style ring can be the perfect option when your dream ring does not fit and can not be sized or if it is not in a condition that would be suitable for daily wear. In a situation where your heirloom ring is oh so perfect, but unfortunately it is also a size 3.5 while you wear a size 6 having a ring created to match the original ring can also be a great option. If you do not wish to preserve the original, the stones can even be removed from the original and set into your new vintage style mounting.

Pricing can be another benefit of vintage style engagement rings over going with a true vintage ring. Original vintage engagement rings in good condition can be expensive. While some luck out and find their perfect piece at an affordable price, often purchasing a vintage ring will be more expensive than having a similar ring constructed as well as having the frustration of actually finding the ring and possibly having a small bidding war when a ring is “THE” ring for multiple couples.


Whether you are recreating your grandmothers amazing heirloom ring, or choosing your own vintage inspired design that is totally unique to you, vintage style jewelry is a great option that combines the elegance of vintage style with the convenience and durability of modern jewelry.


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Pearfection! - Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings!

Pearfection! - Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings!

Pear shaped diamond engagement rings come in a wide range of styles, from over the top glamorous to minimalistic, boho trendy to traditional. It’s no wonder that these stunning diamonds are taking off as a trend!

Pear shaped diamonds are an elongated shape. They may also be called “teardrop” or “raindrop” shaped, especially when worn with the widest part of the stone facing away from the hand.

If you have decided that you would like a pear shaped diamond center stone you still have a variety of style options. Pear shaped diamonds look amazing in a solitaire setting, with simple pave, or with a halo. Pear shaped diamonds look elegant in petite sizes, and glamorous in their larger carat weights.

trendy rose gold pear shaped diamond engagement ring


This rose gold pear shaped engagement ring is very on trend and perfect for ladies with a more simplistic sense of style. The style is unique without being over the top. As trends come and go this ring will still be a classic.


Glamorous large pear shaped celebrity style engagement ring


This 3CT pear shaped diamond engagement ring exudes glamour. The elongated shape of the stone makes the stone look larger and brings attention to the center stone. While halos often compliment the center stone, this stunning diamond has no need for a halo or side stones.


Elegant Classic Halo Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring


True Pearfection! This pear shaped diamond engagement ring is amazing and versatile. This style is a "safe" choice for somebody who is struggling to decide if they want to hop on a trend with such an important piece of jewelry. 

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Why Sea Wave Diamonds?

Why Sea Wave Diamonds?



We want you to adore your jewelry for a lifetime.


At Sea Wave Diamonds, we don’t have salesmen. We have expert jewelers who are working to create lifetime customers through the quality of their work. All of our jewelry is made to high standards, maintaining a quality that we are proud to stand behind and you will be proud to present to your loved ones. Our jewelry is made to last. Our jewelers are educated and can inform you on the best way to maintain your ring in its unparalleled beauty.


Our expert jewelers and gemologists are dedicated to providing you with the finest jewelry possible within your budget. They aren’t trying to push options that you don’t want or working to sell you the biggest stone possible. They are trying to create your dream jewelry, exactly how you would hope for it. Their main priority is helping you to select or create your partners dream ring, pendant, or earrings that she will love for a lifetime.


At Sea Wave Diamonds, much of our new business comes from previous customers suggesting us to their friends and loved ones. This is something that we take pride in because we work hard to maintain high standards for our work and high quality customer service. We consider our customers suggesting us to others as the highest compliment.


A Sea Wave Diamonds ring is not just a ring for your proposal, but a work of art crafted in uncompromising quality. 

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Style Showcase: Eternity Bands - Shape, Style, & Diamond Size

With eternity bands becoming a modern classic, it can feel impossible to choose your perfect style. Diamond shape, the size of the diamonds, and the style of the band can lead to what feels like an endless amount of details. Little things that make your ring special to you. While at a distance many eternity bands look similar, the details can what makes your ring feel like your own.


Diamond shape is likely to be the first thing that someone seeking an eternity band will consider. Eternity bands can feature any diamond shape! Popular shapes include emerald, oval, round, and cushion.



Bands come in a huge variety of prong styles that allow for a unique and personal touch that is visible close up. These can also effect how high or low profile the ring is, and how it sits on your finger. 


These bands both feature emerald shaped diamonds, though the setting style creates a very different appearance.


This ring has tiny heart shaped prongs!



Diamond Size

The size of diamonds used in an eternity band greatly impact the appearance. The carat weight of individual diamonds can also impact the rings overall shape and how high or low profile the ring is. Budget, personal preference, and how you want to wear the ring are important to consider when deciding the size of the diamonds in your ring.



 These three rings all feature round diamonds, but the sizing creates a very different effect. The most petite is very dainty, able to accommodate most wedding band friendly engagement rings. The largest makes a big impression, with the diamonds being the center of attention.

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7 Unique and Unexpected Engagement Rings

Whether you're looking for something extremely unique or just looking for some inspiration to help you think outside the box this list is a perfect reference point for considering all of your options. Often we may overlook the less obvious options, and in engagement jewelry there may be some fear of missing out on options because you didn't know that your dream option existed. After checking out these special rings you will definitely be able to identify what you like, or don't like, to help identify exactly what your perfect ring looks like!




One of the more traditional options on our list, what makes "Tammy" unique is the use of a pair or perfectly matched pear shaped diamonds as side stones. With a simple and sleek prong setting, the stones are able to really stand out.

STOCK#: 3STRG01055






"Sandy" is truly a one of a kind ring, featuring a 7ct radiant cut fancy yellow diamond center stone and 2.5ct half moon side stones in a halo setting. This ring is composed of a variety of uncommon elements, from its rare center stone to the uncommon shape of the side stones.






"Beatrice" is a truly stunning and romantic ring with many exciting inspiration elements wrapped up into one ring. This beautiful 2ct heart shaped diamond is surrounded by a two tone double halo. The inner halo is rose gold containing pink stones. The outer halo is platinum containing colorless diamonds. The diamond pave double band adds to the voluminous impact of the ring. While many elements add an effect of seeming plush and large, the design is balanced perfectly to stay delicate and avoid looking bulky. 








"Audrey" is a luxurious cluster ring featuring a 1ct center stone surrounded by 6 round brilliant diamonds. The seamless structure of the ring and unique shape allow this ring to sparkle in a way that is special to cluster rings. This style of ring is perfect for the diamond lover who wants to incorporate as many diamonds as possible into their special ring.







"Josiphina" is a beautiful diamond ring with a royal touch, sapphire! A gemstone halo around the 1.5ct center stone is an elegant way to add a personal touch. This style is classic but fits in well with modern or contemporary styling because of its clean round center stone and geometric elements. A gemstone halo could also be used on a custom ring to bring your personal style into your ring, or to bring a touch of tradition from an otherwise modern ring by using heirloom gemstones.


 STOCK#: ENGR02613





This unique 4ct pear shaped fancy yellow diamond is surrounded by a stunning halo of heart cut diamonds. Reminiscent of popular styles in royal jewelry throughout history, this ring makes a huge impression. The uniquely shaped halo allows for a special silhouette that isn't seen often.






"Penelope" is a fascinating ring with a 3ct marquise shaped center stone surrounded by a halo and cluster of diamonds. This ring has a classic vintage style with a unique over the top silhouette. The style is elegant and traditional, but could also fit into a variety of modern styles and trends. This ring would fit in with a vintage style collection a trendy boho lovers jewelry collection.





These stunning rings are all very different and unique. They likely had elements that you hadn't considered in your own dream engagement ring, and hopefully this list set you a bit closer to deciding what the ring of your dreams look like.


If you want to see more rings, visit us on Instagram! 

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